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Spread a Bale

M series excells on all sides

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Spread-a-Bale’s new M series can spread straw left or right as well as straight ahead, so they can work in virtually any livestock unit, no matter what its size or layout.

The new machines need just 1.6 tonnes lift capacity when discharging sideways and 1.75 t when discharging ahead. They are powered hydraulically, and need a maximum of 55 litres/minute oil flow. 

This means they can be used with tractor front end loaders and selected skid steer loaders, bringing the benefits of mechanical straw spreading to a huge number of smaller scale dairy and livestock farmers, and in many buildings with restricted access.

Mounting is via brackets, which can be fitted to the back and sides of the machine in any combination the purchaser specifies.

The machine is now being made by Thos Storey Fabrications of Manchester, a company that has an unrivalled 80 year pedigree in steel fabrication; has worked in demanding industry sectors like construction and offshore oil and is currently a Tier One supplier to JCB, Caterpillar and Terex.

Like their predecessors, the new machines are all self-loading, which is done by raising the spreader head and reversing the conveyor in the bed of the machine so it draws the bale into the chamber, where the twine is cut, the spreader head lowered and the bale spread by the two spinning rotors.

The front of the belt is now slight angled from the level, which helps bales load and discharge more evenly. 

The new machines can spread straw up to eight metres – far enough to cover large livestock pens - with new format spreading rotors offering reduced vibration, which helps maintain more even spreading.

They also enable the machine to maintain excellent performance, even when spreading poor quality and matted straw – as they had to last winter – and spread other materials like silage, haylage, wood chips and sawdust.

Tom Robinson, Spread-a-Bale’s UK & Eire Sales Manager, expects these changes to help a huge range of farmers who have not previously considered mechanical straw spreading to adopt it:

“Customers confirm that they can save anything up to 40% straw and halved the time taken to complete bedding down. These benefits are really valuable to smaller farms, and especially for sole operators who can deploy the time releases to good effect.

“The fact that these machines spread straw entire is critical, and many users testify to significant health improvements thanks to the greatly reduced dust levels. One says that moving from a chopper-blower to a Spread-a-Bale virtually eliminated New Forest Eye, which had previously been a distressing and expensive problem.

“The longer-lasting, better quality bed it leaves also helps keep animals cleaner, and plays a role in reducing painful and expensive conditions like mastitis”

If you would like any information about a new machine please contact our sales team:-


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