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Service Department

Highly skilled technicians and the latest in diagnostic technology mean we’re well equipped to keep you going…

We welcome you to our Service Department page.  It’s not the first thing on most people’s mind when they make a machine purchase, but service is probably the most important thing to find out about before choosing your machinery provider.  Comfort, quality, reliability, value and appeal are understandably important, but the assurance that we’ll never leave you high and dry when things don’t go to plan is absolutely invaluable.

In an ideal world, your machinery would keep going all year round with no issues.  However, breakdowns happen and while we can’t completely avoid them there are a couple of things we can do to help prevent them and keep costly disruptions to a minimum:


The benefits of servicing are simple yet absolutely vital to the machine’s health for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, servicing your machine at the recommended intervals means that you’re using parts in their intended way and not putting too much strain on them.  For example, if we think about the purpose of a filter, it makes sense that they can only do their job properly for a certain time before their effectiveness begins to reduce.  Most parts are long-life and are expected to last, but some parts cannot be expected to last because their sole purpose is to keep the long-life parts healthy.  If we change these regularly, we can be sure that your machine is performing to its full capability. Secondly, servicing means that your machine is getting a thorough check over at regular intervals.  If, for whatever reason, a part is failing and we notice at the early stages and before any consequential damage takes place, the repair is quicker, less costly and generally better for all involved.  We offer oil sampling during services which can be a quick and easy way to avoid expensive repairs and downtime.


Whatever the age and condition of your machine, we have the advantage of a large team of highly skilled technicians with differing areas of expertise to get you going as quickly and economically as possible, while maintaining our exacting standards and delivering a personable service. 

Our service team at Foxholes comprises eleven Service Technicians, a Service Manager (John Jackson) and a Service Director (Guy Scruton). 

 At Riccall, we have eight Service Technicians and a Service Manager (Alasdair Walker). 

Across both depots, technicians are varied in their strengths, each specialising in specific areas, which makes for a versatile and effective team working from a large fleet of vans and well-equipped workshops.

We continually invest time and money in our Service Department to ensure that technicians are fully trained in all franchises we hold and that they have access to the most up-to-date and reliable equipment to diagnose, repair and maintain your machinery.   We are able to offer specialist services such as air conditioning repair and service, LOLER forklift testing and NSTS sprayer testing from both depots.  We are also an authorised CAT engine repairer, whether it be warranty or retail work. 




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